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Freshome published an article featuring ‘the Hive’, an interesting shelf with hexagonal compartments with alveoli motifs for the shelf backing. The Hive is created by Mostapha El Oulhani. Read more about the article from Freshome here.

It so happened that when I was at G.D.O Kota Damansara last weekend, I came across something pretty similar. It was a modular shelving system consisting of individual hexagonal compartments which could be stacked and arranged in various configurations just like ‘the Hive’. However, the version at G.D.O does not have a shelf backing. Each hexagon compartment retails for RM399 and comes in a choice of two solid colours- dark oak or white.

RM399 per compartment is pretty pricey but it would be great for those of you who are renting and would like to partition your living area from your dining but can’t put up any permanent partitions or dry walls. In fact, I’d say it’d look better than most permanent partitions if you fill up the compartments with decorative ornaments. The reason why this would serve as a great partition is because it does not fully block out/divide the living area from the dining as you can still see through to the other side, hence maintaining higher spatial perception within your unit. Filling up the shelves with your decorative ornaments also add character and ’soul’ to your home.

Even if you don’t intend to use it as a partition, it’s still a great looking shelf to own. At least we have the option of getting something similar to ‘the Hive’ here in Malaysia thanks to G.D.O.

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