My first long ride: Fraser’s Hill (80km)

Completed my first long ride on Saturday: KKB – Fraser’s Hill – KKB. Trip was approximately 80km. Last 8km to the peak (Gap to Fraser’s Hill clock tower) was the hardest bit. It’s a good thing Lip was kiasu – I just kept trying to keep up with him even though my thighs were burning.

At some point, during the 8km attack to the peak, I was wondering when he would take a break. He finally did at about km4 for a minute. I did too. Then we were off again until we  reached the peak.

Coming down was fun but I think I much prefer the ascending part of cycling. I’m happy with being able to complete this ride. Was initially worried I might not.

The group was quite a fun bunch – all quite knowledgable about bikes and were very inclusive of a newbie such as myself. It was a good thing too that I decided to ‘tekan’ Lip’s rear tire to compare against mine because he then told me that mine wasn’t pumped properly. It was then that I realised my noob mistake when he showed me that I had to unscrew the valve after removing the plastic valve cap. I had only done the latter before this. Imagine the effort I had to exert in climbing if I didn’t have my tires pumped adequately.

Strangely, I had the same knee soreness that I get from a long run – the type that sets in but goes away after a day. I would have thought my thighs would be sore but am pleasantly surprised they aren’t. My butt does hurt a bit though from the saddle. I hope this just takes some getting used to.

Can’t wait to ride again.



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