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Hanging Fishbowl

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This Fish Bubble Wall Aquarium from Seven Seas Aquarium sure makes me want to have fishes at home. As with many great innovations, they’re usually designed with simplicity in mind and this wall hanging aquarium truly fits the bill. It would definitely be a great addition to any home. Why hang a piece of art (imitating life) when you can hang life itself up on the wall!

Did some research and here are some sites selling the bowl:

Seven Seas Aquarium sells them in 2 different sizes- the 3.6l version retails for USD24.95; the 6.7l version retails for USD29.95

Petgadgets retails the hanging fish bowl for USD21.95

Collections ETC retails the bowl for USD9.99 but it’s currently sold out

I’m not sure if this bowl is available anywhere locally yet but I’m definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for it. What a great way to display your aquarium. In fact, I’m going to head over to the pet store across from where I live, Petsmore Inc., this evening. Tata.

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