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About How’s House

How’sHouse is now a permanent feature on Estate123.com- one of Malaysia’s leading property portals. Estate123 is a unique property portal that boasts over 6,638 property listings currently, a price analysis tool as well as a user friendly online helpdesk feature called Nina. They currently have a presence in both Malaysia and Hong Kong and they segregate their properties by two major categories- commercial and residential. How’sHouse is featured on the residential section (you can toggle between commercial and residential mode in the top left of the Estate123 page)

The feature is called ‘Interior Design Ideas in Adrian’s Corner’. Adrian’s Corner?!?!? Wow, I get my own corner in one of the leading property portals? Smashing! You can find the link to my ‘corner’ on the left frame of the page. For now, it’s also displayed under the ‘What’s New‘ section at the very top of the page

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