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5 Reasons To Buy a Quiet Portable Air Conditioner Over a Wall Unit

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I’m sure you have noticed we are approaching the hottest months of the year. Having a quick walk outside your home can make you feel like you have been spending more time close to the oven. And going back inside isn’t always the best option when you don’t have central air.  Ceiling fans aren’t exactly great at keeping you cool when it’s 100 degrees outside.

Nevertheless, installing an air conditioner in every room of your house can be very costly and will take a lot of time for workers to install the appliances and get everything setup.

While wall units serve a purpose in some instances, there’s a better, more affordable option, that you can take advantage of.  Portable air conditioners are a great way to save money and keep yourself cool no matter what room you’re hanging out in.  So, with that being said, below are the reasons why you should buy a portable air conditioner over a wall unit:

They are more-energy-efficient

The main reason why portable air conditioners are more energy efficient is that most homeowners will not leave them on when they walk out of their homes. There is a likelihood of walking out of your room without turning off the wall unit. Nevertheless, when you have a portable air conditioner, it would be hard to forget to turn it off when it’s close to you than when compared to a wall unit which is far from you.

Additionally, portable air conditioners consume less energy as they are not required to cool the entire large rooms. For instance, fixed air conditioners are utilized to heat or cool the entire room. Portable air conditioners are meant to cool a small space, and therefore, most of the portable air conditioner models require less energy to cool the intended area.

They are Quiet

One of the best things about portable air conditioners is how quiet they are.  Compared to wall units, the decibel level of portable ac units is far less, and thus much less annoying.  If you’ve ever had a wall unit, you know exactly how annoying they can be.  This is not the case when it comes to some of the quietest portable air conditioners on the market today.

They have a dehumidifying function

You may think of using a portable fan to regulate the temperatures during the hot summer. Nevertheless, fans work by drying out the air, which can harm your skin as well as your sinuses and also cause static electricity in your place of residence. And this is why portable air conditioners are the best choice since they have a humidifier incorporated in them to ensure the moisture levels in your home remain as they should be.

It’s an affordable option

Installing a wall unit throughout your entire home can be very expensive. At the same time installing two air conditioners in different rooms which gets too hot when there is sunlight is more costly than acquiring one portable air conditioner. To exempt yourself from additional costs, you should consider purchasing one appliance rather than multiple appliances which will demand installation as well. Always remember a portable air conditioning is more effective when it comes to cooling because you can turn it on and keep it close to you.


This is one of the reasons why homeowners are opting for a portable air conditioner. You are not afraid of spending some of your time in the hottest room in your house since you can take this appliance with you. You can move it from one room to the next without issue, making it much easier to use in multiple rooms compared to wall units. This is possible due to its portability feature. Wall unit conditioners are not portable, and this makes it difficult to move them from one room to another. They also consume more energy when compared to portable air conditioners.

Ideal for a home gym

If you own a home gym, which you use for a variety of workouts, you should know by now that you require air conditioning. Nevertheless, if your home gym is kept in a larger room and you need to use specific parts for particular workouts, a wall unit may not have the capability to get to you when practicing your yoga moves. A portable air conditioner is ideal because you can move it to where you are comfortable, and you can also regulate the temperature based on your requirements.

So, there you have it.  By now it should be pretty obvious that portable air conditioners have many advantages over wall units, and the discussed items above are some of the reasons why you should consider acquiring a portable air conditioner instead of a wall unit.

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