Staircase Storage Solutions

17 09 2008

Now this has to be one of the coolest ideas ever… another one of those ‘why didn’t I think of it’ designs – a storage solution which utilises the underside of your stairs! I stumbled upon this on Unclutterer – a brilliant website which is totally anal about staying organised.

For those of you who might be doing major renoworks which could involve relocating or rebuilding your stairs, this would certainly charm your guests and allow you extra storage space. For the woman with too many shoes, this solution could be ideal. In our home, I am only given the bottom tier of our taller-than-me shoe rack. Click here to read about the under stair storage solution on Unclutterer

Now here’s another under stair storage alternative from Freshome – something a little more robust to allow more flexibility in configuring your drawer and shelf size to fit items taller than 6″ vertically. Click here to read more about Freshome’s alternative under stair storage solution

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2 responses

17 09 2008

Oh gosh Adrien! This shoe “hideout” is a really cool idea! But too bad I wont be touching my staircases but the storage cabinets are quite cool too. Thanks for sharing!

18 09 2008
The StairCase « How’sHouse

[…] 18 09 2008 I should’ve noticed this on to add into yesterday’s post (Staircase Storage Solutions). It’s called the StairCase by Danny Kuo. The Staircase is currently in prototype phase but […]

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