Casulo: Mobile Living Furniture

31 05 2008

So many designers, so many marvellous creations and this is just another one of them- Casulo: mobile living furniture created by Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlhäuser. You’ve only got to watch the following video to be totally amazed.

See… what’d I tell you about being amazed by this crazy ingenious project? Right now, this is only a prototype but the duo have plans for mass producing Casulo for the retail market. I don’t really see it happening for the local market though- but hopefully we’ll be fortunate enough to see a live version of the Casulo some time in the future. Actually, I beg to differ. If Casulo is priced reasonably, i foresee a huge market for it here in Malaysia- ‘My maid uses Casulo furniture… designer wan lah… what does yours use? Hah? You buy from kedai perabot Cheecheongfun ah? Good meh?’. In fact, it’s also great for insecure/unstable married couples- avoid potential long and tiresome disputes over who gets to keep what in the house as and when they split. Hey, Casulo designers, I offer my services to help write business plan for you to bring Casulo here to Malaysia lah.

BTW, this info was provided to me by my good friend and avid youtube surfer, Adrian Schmitter. It’s great to be getting input from a fellow reader. For those of you out there with ideas you would like to share, feel free to share them here on How’sHouse. I’ll try to create an input box or proper ‘contact me’ section soon. Meanwhile you can email me at if you’ve anything interesting to share.



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